About Me!

Denine D'Angelo


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I am a graphic designer, illustrator and webmaster. I am currently employed as an Art Director for a monthly tabloid size magazine printed on newsprint.
In  the first few positions I held as a graphic designer I used t-squares, exacto knives and waxers. Eventually the MAC computer was introduced. Adobe PageMaker was my new friend and thought I could never do without it until I got to know Quark and InDesign .

Over the years I have been employed at newspapers, advertising agencies and also illustrated for a silk screen t-shirt company. I had my own advertising agency   "Ad Mare Promotions", which was convenient while starting a family and having the flexibility to be at home with my children. During that time I continued to work at weekly newspapers part-time. Some newspapers were bigger than others with multiple editions. Where ever I lived there was always a newspaper to work at.  I know the business well and enjoy it. I learned to give the customer whatever they want , if it made them happy they got it. I made it fit. No complaints from me. I don’t I let my ego get in the way. I get along well with everyone, even salespeople! I enjoy their energetic personalities.
I have ventured off of print into the world wide web and began designing websites about 2 years ago. One thing leads to another. There is so much that can be done in cyberspace.  I spend much of my free time learning innovative techniques.
I work quickly and think quick, so I am able to come up with good concepts and follow through with them. I am deadline driven and thrive in that environment. I am  a problem solver and I can always figure a way to get the job done. Then I get to go home !

I was born in Greenwich Village in New York City. Family is very important to me. As a result I surround myself with them.   I appreciate the beauty in nature. I like moon lit skies and the sun, sand, ocean and making sand sculptures. Relaxing at the beach is my preferred way to enjoy time off from sunrise to sunset. I also revel in drives through the mountains on colorful fall days. Home projects are one of my enjoyments.  I’ve painted murals in my home on the ceilings, walls and staircases and painted old chairs. I’m very handy with tools, from putting up doors to laying down floors.

I’m basically a private person.  I am confident and secure.  I carry a sense of calmness and peace, even when the world around me becomes chaotic.  I like hearing what people have to say.  I have an excellent sense of humor and always enjoy that quality in my friends.